deadline dead‧line [ˈdedlaɪn] noun [countable]
a date or time by which you have to do or to complete something:

• September 30 is the deadline for sending in your tax return.

• I think we need to set a deadline.

• The financially troubled company didn't meet yesterday's deadline for filing its annual report.

• The Ontario Court extended the deadline for filing its restructuring plan to Jan 31.

• The successful applicant must have the ability to work to a deadline under pressure.

• He was known as a demanding boss who imposed tight deadlines.

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deadline UK US /ˈdedlaɪn/ noun [C]
the time or date by which something must be done: »

The application deadline is February 16.

a deadline of March 21/5 o'clock/next Thursday, etc. »

We have already agreed a deadline of July 1 2011.

a July/Monday/midnight deadline »

900,000 applications were handed in by yesterday's noon deadline.


The deadline for bids was yesterday lunchtime.

a deadline to do sth »

They have been given a 12-month deadline to create a plan for the region.

a strict/tight deadline »

We had a very tight deadline to keep to on the project and things were getting tense.

set/give a deadline »

They have set us a deadline of 30 July to pay the money.

meet/make a deadline »

She was worried that they would not meet the deadline and that penalties would be imposed.


We hit delays and asked to extend the deadline.


If you miss the deadline your application cannot be considered.

a deadline approaches/looms »

The deadline was looming and things were getting tense in the office.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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